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About Us

Empowering, Inspiring, Uplifting, and Encouraging

 Routine Self Care

Audacity wants to empower, inspire, uplift, and encourage routine self-care, whether you are using the latest cosmetics or rocking the hottest colors.


Audacity cosmetics is for everyone, DIYs and professionals. Audacity currently offers a nail polish line with a variety of polishes, nail care treatments, cosmetics, and the “Audacity self-care treatment” certification offered to licensed professionals ONLY.

Nail polishes can be used on artificial nails, however, the nail care line is designed for natural nail care. Shop in the cosmetic store, where you will find a variety of treatments for those transitioning from artificial nails and seeking a remedy to obtain healthy natural nails. 


Our  Vision

My vision is to create an impact in the beauty industry and to be recognized globally for providing  high quality, toxic-free,  cosmetics and continuing education.

Audacity cosmetics are vegan. It's plant base and 21-free, which means it's free from 21 toxic ingredients normally found in other polishes.  

*Around 76% of nail polishes contain formaldehyde.

*Around 61% of nail polishes contain toluene

Many of your everyday cosmetics and nail polishes contain ingredients that are endocrine disruptors, which can adversely affect the thyroid and reproductive health in humans.


" Your body eats everything you put in it or on it " 

- Emah Shae 


"My vision is to have everyone, everywhere looking their best and feeling confident that they're using the best. 


"Longevity is the key, impact is the goal..."

Our  Mission:

  1. To provide quality cosmetics globally. Audacity cosmetics are for everyone, DIYs, licensed cosmetologists, and nail technicians.

  2. Build a vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, 21-free cosmetic brand that offers quality products, and continuing education, to uplift and inspire.

  3. To certify licensed nail technicians and licensed cosmetologists globally on Audacity’s “Self-care treatment”.  To offer Audacity cosmetics and services at salons and cosmetology schools worldwide.

Audacity isn't just cosmetics - its a lifestyle.

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